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I am an Amateur Extra and have been a Ham for many, many years. I retired from General Mills in Cincinnati and now live in the Indian River Colony Club, Viera, Florida.  I have been doing websites as a hobby since the early days of the inter-web, putting my first personal webpage up in the '90's. I have gone from pirating webpages to learn code to using Dreamweaver to build webpages. I build sites as a hobby and am willing to help Amateur Radio Clubs to build their sites. Due to the time envolved in building webpages, I am limiting this offer to the clubs located in Brevard County, Florida. If you would like me to help with a site, contact me at There is no charge for this service.

What we do / Becoming a ham

K8ssn qth  

Primary QTH - Viera, FL

My primary QTH is located in Viera, Florida (Indian River Colony Club. My shack consist of a Flex-3000, IC-746Pro,  IC-8000 and 800W amplifier.  Because of land restrictions, I have a 43' vertical as my only HF antenna.


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secondary QTH - Decatur, TN 

I have a vacation home in Decatur, TN, about two miles from the Watts Bar Dam. Because phsyical space limitations, in my trailer, my shack is a go box that consists of an IC-735 and a FT-1500. The antenna is a G5RV that tunes 17-160M and a MFJ-2990.

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Mobile / portable

HF Radio - FT 100D

                                VHF/UHF Radios                                 IC 2820 and FT 1500

                                   Handi-Talkie                                Kenwood TH-D74A, VX-5R & Baufeng UV-5R 

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• Ham Operators who bring the trash they learned on CB to the hobby 

• Operators who ignore the rules about music and cussing 

• ID after every transmission 

• Use the phrase "for ID". There is only one reason to give your callsign and that is to ID your station. You don't have to tell us that, we know it. 

• Putting out your callsign, then saying nothing heard when no one answers you. (maybe I should answer a call like that more often, so they won't say nothing heard)


US Amateur Radio Band Plan